Common Sense and the Value of a Penny

A new discovery has been found that can restore common sense.

Be sure to carry at least one common cent (that is 1 penny) and common sense will be quickly restored. As people learn the value of the penny and of common sense.

Common sense can prevent a lot of problems that we deal with every day.  For some reason we forget about the simplicity of sense.

The penny is often forgotten too.  Much like the round TUIT of yesterday that came about because people kept saying "I will do it when I get 'a round to it'"  now back to the common cent and sense.

The U S penny has something very important on it that should guide us through our every day journey.  We need to remember "In God We Trust."  That's where real common sense originates.

May you have the blessings that you truly seek this day.

de Mars

Communication often is nullified ...

"Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much." -Robert Greenleaf

This can be applied to many aspects of communication, sometimes evens with data there is more sent than often may be necessary.  Yet in the modern society where so much deals with authentication email messages have become quite bloated with overhead that deals with authenticity of the message / message sender.

What happens when a low-speed network is needed to complete the delivery?  Will the message delivery be delayed because of the overhead.  What is the solution?

What prevents spread spectrum technology from being used on High Frequencies (HF)?  There's some work being done on UHF (70cm) that will help in regional delivery of messages.  What will it take to make this technology more wide-spread? 


ALERTradio ERC Technology resources for public safety.  It's all about being ready.
Emergency Support Functions: ESF-2 Communications, ESF-7 Resource Support

ALERTradio ERC has the following purpose:
  • To provide reliable communications for public safety;
  • To be a resource for obtaining information and training in;
  • To be a resource for gathering critical information prior, during and after an emergency;
    • Communications
    • Emergency Management
    • Preparedness and Technical Response
  • To be better informed through training and experience;

ALERT = Advance Level Emergency Response Technology
radio = a communications resource for delivery of critical information.
ERC = Emergency Response Communications

ALERTradio ERC Technology resources for public safety.